Moon Mama Therapy

If everything around you seems dark, look again. You may be the light.


Hey there,

I am happy to see you found your way here. If life feels too heavy and you need support, you have come to the right place. At Moon Mama Therapy, the goal is to help normalize your feelings; we will help you challenge core beliefs about yourself and your life that make you feel "stuck." We will reframe with you and help you alter your perspective while helping you achieve your therapeutic goals. Trauma can cause an individual to feel powerless; we are here to help you reclaim your power. Healing is not linear. We will honor your journey and the process. We will create the best treatment plan for you; you set the pace. Moon Mama Therapy offers guidance and support in a safe, non-judgmental way that honors your diversity and individuality. We are here to walk alongside you. Please stay awhile.